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YU email not working properly



my YU email is not functioning properly. Can you please take a look and let me know. I cannot send or receive emails on

Thank you

Hello Georgios-Vlasios Kormpas
Your ticket has been successfully received and in progress we will get back to you soon through the below contact info

Name: Georgios-Vlasios Kormpas
Phone Ext.:Male Campus
Problem Location: INTERLINK

IT HelpDesk Team

Eng. Ahmed AlBosairy
HelpDesk Operations Manager
Ext. 3116

dear Mr. Georgios-Vlasios Kormpas

Thank you for contacting the IT – Center at Al – Yamamah University.

We are Glad to inform you that your issue has been resolved,
Regarding the Email account access, you can find all the new information for your account as listed below:

User Name : Georgios Kormpas

E-mail Address: 

Temporary Password: Hoqu8740

For more information:

Steps no how to access your student E-mail account online (web):

1. You have been given a temporary password to long in to your e-mail account for the first time, the password can only be used one-time.
2. To access your Yu – Email account, you can do so by clicking on the website links included below:  YU website and click on E-mail

3. After you have successfully logged in, the website well take you to a page and asks you to change the password to any password of your choices.


You can only do this processes throw a web browser on any device (PC, Mobiles, Tablets, Laptops …etc) first for it to work. Than you can add you e-mail to your phone manually.

Best Regards,

Mohammed Al-Saheb

Technical Support Specialist __ IT - Department

Email: ___ Extension: 3119

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